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Our TEAthos™

Conscious Tea with a Human Touch

Our TEAthos is our backbone and what separates us from every other tea company out there. We are about more than just tea. We are about making the world a better place, through what we do and how we do it. We place a great emphasis on the environment, and how we contribute to help sustainability through what we do. We also believe that in everything we do, the most important value is to never lose our humanity. That's why we live by our words; Conscious Tea with a Human Touch. Drinking our tea is about more than just the tea itself. It's about that relationship between us and you. That's why with every single order through our store, we send a personalised handwritten note, saying hi and a lot more besides. We believe that compassion and wellbeing are essential and through our Conscious Tea we deliver that Human Touch to people all over the world.

How is our Tea Conscious?

Our aim when we started the company in January 2017, was to bring the most unique, engaging, and ethical beverages available to the market. We want organic to be accessible for everyone. To us, it's not a choice, it's a principle. In our opinion, having a large base of products available to your customers is all well and good, but if the soils used in growing your products cannot be re-used afterwards because of the harsh chemicals and pesticides that have ruined them, the growth in the long term is not only unethical, but unsustainable. That's why all of our teas are certified organic, and 100% vegan. We use organic plant-based milk alternatives, and serve our teas in biodegradable cups. Our range of teas may be vast, but our promise is that they are also environmentally friendly, too.

All of our teas are certified as organic by EU standards, meaning that all of our teas and ingredients are sourced from organic farms and plantations that support the growth and natural habitat of their surroundings and our planet.

Did you know?

In the cultivation of non-organic ingredients and foods, up to 400 chemicals can be used, including synthetic fertilizers and chemicals that are aimed at deterring animals, potentially endangering them. Organic has a maximum of 4, water based approved fertilizers, none of which are ever tested on animals.

The difference is in the taste, and the effect this has on the environment. Organic farms do a lot to protect wildlife, such as providing natural habitats for them to live, as well as never using any deterrents on the foods. This includes tea, and the ingredients we use here. So in buying from us, and supporting organic, you are also supporting sustainable, ethical growth of soils, as well as helping to protect the natural habitat of animals, too. You're basically being an all round good human when you support this.

As part of our vegan-friendly ethos, our belief that creating great tasting teas is possible without the use of animal products such as milk, chocolate, marshmallows, and honey, or chemicals that have been tested on, or used to deter animals at plantations such as pesticides. 

We're serious about what we do, so you don't have to be serious when making a choice with us about what you drink. We make that choice, as our core principle, so when you come to us, all you have to do is the fun part... decide what to drink! No stress. Simple.

Who are The TeaNomads?

We call ourselves The TeaNomads. The TeaNomad way of life incorporates everything we do into our cups of tea. You get to taste the world through a unique and delicious range of flavours, do your bit for the environment by drinking our organic teas, which are more ethically sustainable and conscious, as well as doing your bit for yourself. We believe that wellbeing is an essential part of modern day life, with all of the distractions and the way technology can dim the light of humanity at times. So we are here to shine the light, brightly, boldly and with tea. We have travelled far and wide, and continue to do so with our tea, to bring a smile to peoples faces all over the U.K., and hopefully beyond. We hand-pack, and hand-stamp all of our bags of tea, and hand write a personalised note to each person who orders though our online store. We know our customers, no matter how much we grow, we know the value that you place on our TEAthos, and we even know which of our customers prefer caffeine free teas, or green tea to black, or the ones who have a sweet tooth. This is our Human Touch. This is the TeaNomad way of doing things. 

Eco Friendly

The cultivation of organic tea is better for the planet’s natural eco systems and the environment. Organic farms support up to 50% more wildlife, so in drinking our Conscious Tea, you are doing your bit for the environment, natural wildlife, as well as for yourself.

Because we care about the environment, our cup packaging is biodegradable and we use as many recycled materials as possible too, which is another way we have set out to help the planet become a greener place. Even our leaf bags are biodegradable and made from raw materials. 

The Aim

We are already one of the largest all organic tea shops in the U.K. and we are growing fast. Our aim is to bring the world our organic range of teas, and to help grow the supply and farming of organic plantations.

It is our hope to visit plantations across the world and help those plantations that cannot either finically afford to become certified or do not have the means to do so, and help them to make this possible. We want organic to become accessible for everyone.

Our Promise

As Leaves of the World expands, we will always keep our levels of customer service, the quality of our products, and the company TEAthos as strong as it was one day one. We treat all of our customers; whether you are spending £5, £500, or nothing at all, exactly the same. We believe that in all walks of life people appreciate honesty, commitment, and principles. And these are ours.

Don't just take our word for it. Join the ever growing TeaNomad family, and see for yourself.

Much Love

Jason and Sam, 

TheTeaNomads xx