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The TeaNomad Story: A crazy but true tale of two people's desire to do anything but 'normal' things


Hi, we are Sam and Jason, the little TeaNomads behind the making of Leaves of the World. We are a young-ish couple who have lived the majority of their post education lives working and travelling the world together. It was in the DNA of our relationship, after meeting one-another on the Greek island of Rhodes when we were just kids; (cue Aww).

After the exhaustion of education, we travelled, worked, and lived across as many places as possible, (we even worked with the real Santa in Lapland!)




...and after all that, ended up back in sunny Yorkshire to create our company, Leaves of the World.






It all began as a thought one typically wet Vancouver evening, when Sam said to Jason; ‘I think I know what we should do’, and here we are…


 Our travels inspired us to create our own little experience of travelling for others… through tea. This is where Leaves of the World was born, and we have become known as the TeaNomads. Soon after coming back to the wonderful county of Yorkshire (home of the proper cuppa), we had created a certified, all organic, independent, authentic tea company, with one of the largest selections of organic loose leaf tea in the U.K.

We have built this company from scratch and do everything with our own hands; from hand-packing the teas, to creating and designing the labels, and taking the photography (our kitchen was/is a temporary photography studio), we do it all with love and a dedication to providing the world with amazing natural and nomadic teas.





Our tea is all about bringing people together by sharing their experiences of taste and travel through tea. From the Rooibos tea South African Sunset to the White tea Sicilian Sunshine, you can experience it all through our vast range of blended teas.

In our first 12 weeks our teas have been flying around the world - quite literally!

We have had people from all corners of the globe ordering our teas, from Canada, South Africa, Australia, and Weston-Super-Mare! It has been an awesome and quite frankly moving start to our life as The TeaNomads.

The response we have had from the public has been nothing short of spectacular, and we have already expanded our range with four new teas in our first ten weeks! (We have just under 60 teas now).

The demand has been so great that we have begun shipping our teas to cafe's, restaurants, bars, furniture shops, spa's, yoga studios, and even Buddhist centres across the country! So if you spot our teas glaring at you on the shelf, feel free to do a little jig for us!

More exciting news is that we have also partnered up with various subscription boxes too! So you may have found us in 80/20, which is a health and nutrition box aimed at those with a healthy snack treat in mind.

And also, in April 2017, we launched our first partnership with Tea Tourist! Featuring one of our very special vegi-infusions! (Did someone just drool?)




And we look forward to some more exciting times in the coming months ahead!