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Our TEAthos

There are many parts to the ethos, or what we like to call, TEAthos, here at Leaves of the World. When we began our venture in January 2017, our aim was to bring the most unique, vast, engaging, and ethical beverages available to the market. In doing so, we have a range of teas that are not only exciting and authentic, but environmentally friendly too.

We are an all organic, 100% vegan-friendly company. All of our teas are certified as organic by EU standards, meaning that all of our teas and ingredients are sourced from organic farms and plantations that support the growth and natural habitat of their surroundings and our planet. Our vegan-friendly ethos is part of our belief that creating great tasting teas is possible without the use of animal products such as chocolate and honey, or chemicals that have been tested on, or used to deter animals at plantations such as pesticides. Read on to find out more about who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

We are The TeaNomads

We call ourselves The TeaNomads. The TeaNomad ethos is simple: drink your way around the world from one cuppa! So, part of our creation here at Leaves of the World was to bring a taste of the world to people through our tea. We are lovers of tea. And we love travelling the world. But what we love most is combining the two and putting those together to bring people the most exciting range of organic ingredients and tea flavours. What we wanted to create was an experience for our customers, so that they can feel the flavours of the world coming to them straight from their cup. One of our mottos is: Travel the World with our Tea, One Cup at a Time.

We basically want the whole world to become TeaNomads. Who doesn't want to taste the flavours the world has to offer? And what better way to do it than through tea!

Why Organic

We are an all organic company, which means there are no artificial ingredients or flavourings used in any of our teas. We wanted to create a company that had ethical genetics, so the consumer always had assurance over what they are putting into their bodies. In doing this, we have created great tasting teas, without all of the fuss of artificial creation.

An interesting fact about non-organic teas is that the first time you will wash the sprayed chemicals such as pesticides off the tea is when you pour the water over the tea for the first time into your cup. We couldn’t have those types of chemicals used in non-organic cultivation used in our teas, as we couldn’t serve you what we wouldn’t drink ourselves. That is why we chose for all of our tea to be all organic.



Eco Friendly

The cultivation of organic tea is better for the planet’s natural eco systems and the environment too. Organic farms support up to 50% more wildlife, so in going all organic, you are doing your bit for the environment, natural wildlife, as well as for yourself.


Because we care about the environment, our cup packaging is biodegradable and we use as many recycled materials as possible too, which is another way we have set out to help the planet become a greener place. Even our tea filters are biodegradable, so if you want your plants to smell of apples, or bergamot, or peppermint, why not compost these and help us keep the carbon footprint of our company to a minimum.





The Aim

We are already one of the largest all organic tea shops in the U.K. and we are growing fast. Our aim is to bring the world our organic range of teas, and to help grow the supply and farming of organic plantations.

It is our hope to visit plantations across the world and help those plantations that cannot either finically afford to become certified or do not have the means to do so, and help them to make this possible. We want organic to become accessible for everyone.


Our Promise

At Leaves of the World, we are committed to bringing you, our valued customers, the most exciting and refreshing blends and varieties of organic tea, as environmentally efficient as possible, without compromising on quality or price. We are passionate about great tasting tea, bringing attention to the health benefits and educating people on the natural remedies that tea possesses, allowing you to embed this as part of your everyday drinking habits. It is of course, just another reason that we are so happy to be providing the world with our variety of tea, not just to keep you loving our delicious flavour combinations, but to connect with you all about the properties and traditional origins of all of the organic ingredients used in our tea. 

Don't just take our word for it. Join the TeaNomad family and get drinking!

We are The TeaNomads, delighted to be bringing all organic, all natural, all magnificently magical tea to you, so you can travel the world, all from one tasty loving cuppa! xx