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As part of our ethos here at Leaves of the World, we aim to support as many local communities as possible. Whether it’s a charity, or a local church, a village hall, or an event for local people, we want to give back! And that is why we donate our tea through some of these local communities that we are passionate about supporting. Nothing brings people together like a good cuppa, right?

Swanland Village

Each month the Yorkshire Wolds village of Swanland holds a movie night at the local village hall. They turn up in numbers to communally and collectively support and come together for a good old fashioned local cinema style show, (though they do have a half-time interval). It is here at this monthly village event that we donate some of our amazing all organic teas. A village close to our hearts, it was the place we had our first home together, and so we give as much tea as a village hall full of film going tea enthusiasts can handle.

They’ve gone down a treat so far, and we look forward each month to providing our local village with yet more of our tea-rrific blends.

Cheers Swanland X    


Ami-Yoga Studio

Ah, where would we be without our fix of yoga (a hip and a shoulder replacement on at this rate). But the Ami-Yoga Studio, run by Ann-Marie has been our saviour. We started yoga back in 2014, and have become great friends with Ann-Marie in the process, even if she does destroy our abdominal muscles each week. As one of our biggest supporters, Ann-Marie became our first stockist once we got the company up and running. We also donate tea to the monthly meditation classes, run by Ann-Marie, so all yogi’s like us can come and enjoy some mindfulness in body, mind, soul, and…tea.

The studio stocks a range of our teas, and each month when our new collection comes out, we supply a new set of teas too! These are available to buy from Ann-Marie’s studio, and most importantly, for every tea sold here we donate £1 straight into the charity, The Yoga Therapy Foundation, which supports and facilitates yoga for recovering cancer patients, respiratory disease patients, and for people who are suffering with depression, stress, and anxiety. It is a fantastic cause that we are proud and passionate supporters of, and we salute the charity, the yoga, and most of all, you Ann-Marie.

Thank You X