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The Complete Matcha Kit

the complete matcha kit

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It's Matcha Time

Get your matcha on in style with this deluxe package of all things matcha. This modern stylish box includes everything you’ll ever need to make the perfect matcha, every time. Whether you are new to matcha or a Matchaholic, this package is the perfect combination to whisk your way to greatness.

The Complete Matcha Kit Includes:

  • A traditional pot matcha bowl – the perfect authentic matcha making accessory
  • A traditional bamboo measuring ladle
  • A traditional bamboo matcha whisk – A ‘chasen’ as they are called in Japan – the only way to whisk your way to greatness
  • A traditional ceramic matcha whisk holder, to keep your whisk fresh, safe, and shapely. A great whisk saving bit of kit.
  • 10g of three of our current organic matcha teas (30g total) to get you on your way to being a complete matcha wizard.

What could be more perfect. Enjoy the traditional tea ceremony your way. Straight, or add frothy steamed milk for a matcha latthé. You can even enjoy them iced, too. Perfect.