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The Matcha Hub

Here is our very own Hub of all things Matcha and Madness. If you are as mad about Matcha as we are, then this is your little place of Matcha heaven, where all things Matcha are Matching and Mad and Matchalicious!

New to Matcha? Here is the lowdown on this funky green magic stuff!

So, what is the wonder of Matcha?

Our Matcha is a stone ground green tea that is made using a traditional Japanese method of whisking in a specially designed Matcha bowl. Instead of just infusing the green tea, when whisking this little bowl of goodness, you are ingesting the whole of the green tea leaves, giving you up to 137 times more of the antioxidents that you would get from just a normal cup of green tea! Wowza.

Studies have shown that drinking Matcha on a regular basis can help to boost your metabolism, as well as providing a boost of long lasting energy. The nutrients and properties can also help reduce the aging of skin and it also helps to maintain stable blood sugar levels and lower blood pressure, as well as aiding with mental clarity and an increase in overall calmness.

Absolutely. We are all about having Matcha Madness in our lives. We love to have fun and play with Matcha in all kinds of ways, including Matcha Lattes, Matcha porridge, Matcha smoothies, even Matcha lolly pops! We like to call it Matchabating.

Matchabating: Verb - The art of playing with Matcha

And just in case if you can't get enough of Matcha, we have a range of specially ground naturally flavoured and, as with everything we do, all organic Matcha blends to keep you Matchabating 'till your heart's content! We even do Matcha subscription packages, just for you TeaNomads!

So, let's get to it. Life's too short to not have Matcha in it! So join the parTEA and get Matchabating!