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Glow Like a Superstar

Brighten up your day with me! Have you ever wanted to glow like a golden god/goddess as you strut down the street? Well, now you can. Drink me and feel the burst of sun come into your life and your skin.

My refreshing orange wedges and turmeric pieces will have you glowing in no time, plus I also contain  carrots and pumpkin too. I’m just a burst of sun in your life. You can even turn me into a Soda Tea Pop, and I’m a cool refreshing replacement for your everyday fizzy drink


Organic: carrot, apple, sea buckthorn peel, ginger, curcuma (turmeric), pumpkin, orange wedges, anise. Natural orange flavour

Let's Brew This


16oz (450ml) water = one Leaf Loader of tea (1 ¼ teaspoon).

Brew me at 75˚c - 80 ˚c for 3-6 min


16oz (450ml) water = 3-4 Leaf Loaders of tea.

Fill cup with ice, and then pour over freshly steeped tea.

For best results, use our Magic Steeper.

Soda tea pop: Make me like an iced tea but leave some room for some carbonated water  at the top. Stir and enjoy a sugar free tea pop

Best served: hot, iced, soda tea pop

Why Not?

Add a little gin to an iced Sunburst for a super tasty tipple