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Just Matcha

just matcha

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Go Green. Be Amazing

I am a straight Green matcha, creamy and full of antioxidants. I have enormous health benefits, such as raising energy levels, high vitamin values, more antioxidants than regular Green tea (this is because you ingest my whole leaves) and I taste great served any way you like. You can add me to smoothies for a little extra nutrition, or even sprinkle me into your morning muesli or porridge. I've got that extra something your life is missing right now. So shine brightly, and sip on me a while.


Organic: matcha green tea

Let's Brew This

Hot: use 1-2 matcha spoons of tea (1/2 tsp) per 16oz liquid. Whisk in 75˚c water until powder has dissolved and mixture is frothy. Add mixture to cup, then pour over more of the temperature water and stir.

Latthé: Same as above, but leave some room for some frothy milk and stir.

Iced: Pour me over ice that fills your cup, after following same instructions as for ‘Hot’.

Iced Latte: Pour me over ice that fills your cup, then follow with cold frothy milk and stir