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The Collection - Yoga and Wellness
The Collection - Yoga and Wellness

the collection - yoga and wellness

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Let Your Spirit Play

Refocus and regroup with this selection of teas to help improve mindfulness, promote wellbeing, and increase your inner happiness. Drink a cup of these a day and let your spirit play.

PossibiliTEA's Include:

  • Under the Weather (Contains Liquorice)
  • Parlevu Linden
  • Popeye’s Missus
  • Mr Turmeric and his 46 Friends (Contains Liquorice)
  • Peppermint Pyramids
  • Chamomile Calm
  • Moringa Magic
  • It’s Strawberry Thyme
  • Buddha Buddy
  • Turn Up the Beet
  • Namaste
  • The Hot Monk
  • Sicilian Sunshine
  • Sunburst



Allergens: Kit could contain a tea containing liquorice. Please inform us if you would like your kit not to include a tea with liquorice.

Each box contains four 50g bags of tea (200g total). Estimate servings of 200 cups (based on two infusions of tea)

Box also include a pack of 20 of our biodegradable raw leaf bags to make your tea on the go or at home easier than ever, and a leaf loader spoon to get that perfect measurement every time.