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Pink Flamingo - Limited Edition

pink flamingo - limited edition

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In a Crowd of Pigeon's, be a Flamingo

Greetings tea lovers. The hottest bird around has landed and brings a refreshing treat for you to enjoy. Tropical flavours of wild hibiscus, rosehip, sweet beetroot with rhubarb and vanilla send me all in a pink flurry of feathers. Hot or Iced I taste just like your favourite rhubarb and custard sweets. See, why be like all the others, spread your wings and stand out with me


Organic: Apple, rosehip shell, hibiscus blossoms, orange peel, beetroot. Natural rhubarb and vanilla flavour

Let's Brew This

Hot: for a 16oz cup use one Leaf Loader of tea (1 ¼ teaspoon). Brew me at 95˚c for 3-5 min

Iced: For a 16oz cup use 3-4 Leaf Loaders of tea (or equivalent). Make tea as instructed for 'hot' in your Magic Steeper. Fill cup with ice, and then steep over the freshly brewed tea

Best served: Hot without milk. Iced Tea. Tea Latte with coconut milk

Why not try: Making a homemade rhubarb gin! Simply brew cold, then add your tipple. Summer lovin' never felt so good!