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If You Like Piña Coladas

if you like piña coladas

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Hello Beach Vibes

Or getting caught in the rain? Absolutely. If you're all about the Pina and the Colada, then my sweet Puerto Rican notes will sweep you off to a beach somewhere exotic and full of all the things you love. Just imagine, me, you, and  a beach somewhere where the sky is blue, where the palm trees sway, and the sun shines daily. Ahh. Ice me or have me hot, either way, I'm great served with coconut milk, or even better as a full cocktail with a dash of rum. Just the way I like it.


Organic: Apple, lemongrass, coconut chips, banana. Natural pineapple flavour. Organic: peach, pink rose flowers, marigold petals.

Let's Brew This


16oz (450ml) water = one Leaf Loader of tea (1 ¼ teaspoon).

Brew me at 95 ˚c for 5-10 min


16oz (450ml) water = 3-4 Leaf Loaders of tea.

Fill cup with ice, and then pour over freshly steeped tea.

For best results, use our Magic Steeper.

Best served: Hot, Iced with coconut milk