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Greek Mythology

greek mythology

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A Minty Myth

I am Zeus. This is my special blend of mountain tea from the land of Ancient Greece. This is not just a simple tea infusion. It is made with a special ingredient called Greek Mountain tea. This is what I and all of the great Greek legends; Socrates, Aristotle, even Hercules, use when trying to concentrate. It also contains peppermint, fennel, and cornflower blossoms too. The health properties are regarded as immense, and can help with sleep, anxiety, fevers and colds, digestion, as well as being rich in antioxidants. It is a Godly blend. Regards from all of us at Mount Olympus


Organic: greek mountain tea, peppermint leaves, fennel, lemongrass, lemon balm leaves, cornflower blossoms. Natural peppermint flavour.

Let's Brew This:

Hot: for a 16oz cup use one Leaf Loader of tea (1 ¼ teaspoon). Brew me at 95˚c for 2-8 mins.

Iced: For a 16oz cup use 3-4 Leaf Loaders of tea (or equivalent). Fill cup with ice, and then pour over freshly steeped tea

Best served: Hot without milk. Add sweetener as desired. Iced.