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Top Toffee Matcha

top toffee matcha

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A Nice Bit'a Toffee

I'm a creamy sweet matcha for all you sweet tooth's out there. I make the perfect matcha latte, too. You can bake with me, just add me to a little of your homemade bakes, or even to smoothies, porridge, or any other food you can shake your stick at. As an Iced Latte, I taste just like toffee ice-cream!


Organic: Matcha green tea. Natural toffee flavour.

How to make:

Hot: Use  1/2 tsp of matcha per 16oz liquid. Whisk in 75˚c water until matcha has dissolved and mixture is frothy and creamy. Add mixture to cup, then pour over more of the temperature water to top up and stir.

You can also enjoy me the traditional way by drinking me straight from your matcha bowl.

Latte: Same as above, but leave some room for some frothy milk and stir.

Iced: Pour me over ice that fills your cup, and follow same instructions as for ‘Hot’.

Iced Latte: Whisk in temperate water. Then pour me over ice that fills your cup, then follow with cold frothy milk and stir.

Best Served: Hot with/without milk. Matcha Latte. Iced Matcha. Iced Matcha Latte.