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What is compassion & are we becoming more compassionate?

Our Cuppa and a Chat topic this month is: Compassion Compassion is a founding principle of Leaves of the World and something we lead with, both as a company and as individuals. Today we are asking: What is compassion & are we becoming more compassionate? "Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive." - Dalai Lama XIV, The Art of Happiness We believe that in these times, now more than ever, the most important message to share is one of compassion.  Fear and uncertainty certainly have the power to divide people, and if there has been ever been a time in which those two things have been prominent on such a mass scale it is now.  However,...

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Zero-Waste Stockist Spotlight: The Refillery - Chichester

We spoke with the founder of Refilled Chichester, Esther, on why she and her husband Harry set-up a zero-waste shop.  This is their inspiring story of travel, love and business... What inspired you to start Refilled? We got married in November 2017, and decided to go travelling to New Zealand. We were both a bit “stuck” in our jobs and what we wanted to do and how to move forward so we thought we would go and enjoy ourselves and work in New Zealand as well as exploring. Harry was a sail maker and I (Esther) was the catering and housekeeping manager at a sailing Centre. In New Zealand we found that they look after their country and wildlife so...

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Leaves of the World was created to make a positive change on the environment and contribute towards a future vision we wanted to create, spreading compassion for the world and everyone in it. As individuals and as a company we lead with compassion and part of that future vision for us is a world without hate or discrimination. In this time, we are witnessing the world unite and we will always stand firmly with those fighting for change. As individuals we have taken some time to further educate ourselves and how we can help contribute towards a better future. Through learning from our past, we can all create a better future.

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3 Feel-Good Reads to get you through Lockdown

 ‘Is lockdown getting you down?’ We probably will all have had some low days during lockdown, so to help share a feel-good mood, we thought we’d share 3 feel-good reads we’d personally recommend. In case you didn’t know this, The TeaNomads a.k.a. Sam + Jason, are actually big bookworms with Sam having studied English Literature at Uni and Jason currently working on his first novel! So, here are our thoughts on 3 books across 3 different genres we have read, old + new, which made us feel good. Feel free to share your own feel-good recommendations in the comments below! We’d love to hear your thoughts and discover even more feel-good books to be filling our shelves with during lockdown!...

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