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Zero Waste Stockist Spotlight: Zero Green - Bristol

We spoke with the founders of Zero Green, Lidia and Stacey, on why they set up their zero-waste shop in Bristol.

Zero Green Bristol

What made you start Zero Green?

The business came about because we both wanted to do something about the growing problems of single use plastic and food waste, at the time there was not any Zero Waste shops in Bristol (or anywhere close) so we decided to open one ourselves.

How has running the store been since your launch?

We opened on March 10th 2018 and have not stopped since! Last November we moved to a much larger shop just down the road and were able to add hundreds of new lines.

Leaves of the World Tea Tins Display

How have you been effected by Covid19?

Covid19 feels like it just came out of nowhere with in a week our whole business model changed! We tried to stay open but the nature of the shop made that really hard and we decided to close.

We did a small amount of deliveries and collections to start with (we Furloughed most of the team) then we were really lucky that a local IT company wanted to build a Ecommerce site for our local area and we were one of the first onboard to trial it and its been really successful.

We are hoping to start offering a drop off system so our customers can drop off containers and a shopping list and we can fill them and they can collect the next day. We are also going to start having the shop door open a few hours a day so if people just need a couple of items we can do that too.

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