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Where are you heading for 2020?

The New Year is that time where you analyse what you've achieved across the past year and what you want to achieve the following year! 

In all honesty, neither of us have ever set 'New Year Resolutions' before. But as business owners, the turn of the new year has become a good opportunity for us to catch our breath, reflect on what we've achieved across the past year and look forward to our goals and targets for the year ahead, so...

We sat down with our favourite journals and mapped out our 2020; but this year instead of just being business focused, we branched out a little bit into all the goals we want to achieve personally, places we want to see and maybe most importantly the people we want to be this year and the lifestyle we want to lead.

2020 goals mind map

We figured that getting ourselves ready to hit our big goals this year is just like packaging a suitcase before you go travelling; if you don't pack the right things it's going to be a lot harder when you arrive at your destination!

So here are a sneak peek at a few things we've packed in our suitcases for 2020:

- Daily yoga + meditation; looking after yourself should always be number 1! Taking some time out to think and connect with ourselves is great for keeping in line with our focuses and goals and avoiding getting lost in the day-to-day never-ending list of tasks. 

- Personally we both love a writing so we're both taking on the challenge of writing books this year! So watch this space!

- Focus on our nutrition more. Maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle is a big thing for both of us, so we've been researching further into both nutrition and more health benefits associated with herbs and spices. With this in mind we'll be expanding our range of health focused blends this year. Exciting!

Travel more! Leaves of the World was born from our love of travelling and living a nomadic lifestyle; so we'll be sharing more about our travels and top travel tips for all you tea-loving eco travellers out there!

- Be more personable. You all know we love tea! But we've made the decision to share more about us as people, our goals and the 'behind the scenes' day-to-day life of running Leaves of the World. Hence launching our blog! So keep an eye out for more blog posts as we share more about us, our business, our nomadic lifestyle and travel tips. 

- Oh and of course, drink even more tea!


So if you're a bit late to the parTEA (sorry couldn't help ourselves!), get yourself a good cuppa, a nice journal and write down what you want to achieve across the next year! (Writing it down really does help!)

And let us know how you get on in the comments below :) 

What are you packing in your suitcase this year to make sure 2020 is full of all your dreams and goals?

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