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Three tips to give yourself Self-Care

When we talk about Self-Care, we can often assume this means some extravagant gesture, such as booking a weekend away with a loved one, or a spa treatment, or a luxurious holiday in an exotic location. But to take care of the self, realistically, is not so much about a one off gesture, or a period of time for an event. It is a daily and necessary practice of Self-Love, and becoming more aware and awakened to your own needs.

As part of this month’s Theme, we are talking about what Self-Care means, and the importance of it in your daily life.

What does Self-Care mean?

Self-Care can mean doing the simplest of things that you don’t often make the time for. Because in life, we always have time for things we make time for, and if we cannot make time to take care of ourselves, how can we ever be expected to help others, or perform to our maximum potential?

Self-Care is like any other skill or practice in life; you must actively participate in it, in ways that move you to feel better, more relaxed, comforted, happy, and uplifted from the actions.

So, here are some of our best tips, for ways to give yourself Self-Care.

Read a book

It seems like a simple pastime, and maybe books aren’t your thing. But time away from the screen of laptops, televisions, and phones is the main benefit here. And when we say a book, we mean a physical copy, not a reading device. There are thousands of books out there to choose from.

Jim Kwik, one of the world’s leading brain psychologists says that;

... we should aim to read for thirty minutes each day. Leaders are readers!

Thirty minutes is not a long time. After work, with a cup of tea, or late in the evening before bed, or even first thing in the morning to set you up for a powerful day, try reading something inspiring, uplifting, or motivating.

Our recommendation would be The 5am Club by Robin Sharma.

Time Journaling/Practicing Gratitude

Each morning when we wake, The TeaNomads actively practice gratitude. Why? Because no matter your circumstances in life, there are always people out there with less than you, that would give anything to have what you have. Seeing each day, and your abundance around you; clean water, a warm house, a comfortable bed, food in the fridge, all of these things we can take for granted.

It is also proven that practicing gratitude is a powerful tool to access the Alpha brainwave state, which is the flow of energy from the brain that allows us to access our most inner peace, concentration levels and optimum performance. This is referred to often as 'The Zone.'

If we can connect to the fact that everything around us are gifts of life, then we can become more humble, and thankful. In practicing gratitude, you will no longer feel hard done by that your Caribbean Cruise was cancelled because of the pandemic. It is time to look at the smaller things in life, and give thanks for those.

Sleep earlier…wake earlier

Ah, okay. You must stay up later, and you can’t get up earlier.

The conditions of your life are completely determined by your own choices.

English poet William Ernest Henley wrote;

I am the master of my fate,

I am the Captain of my soul

In this way, we each create the patterns and habits that form our life. The benefits of going to sleep just one hour earlier, and using this to wake one hour earlier can give exponential benefits to your life. Imagine waking up before everybody else in your household… imagine the peace and the quiet before emails come in, and people are complaining about who is getting in the shower first this morning. Just an hour for you. A peaceful and tranquil hour of Self-Care. Maybe you could find those thirty minutes to read. And still have thirty minutes spare to… exercise? Journal? Practice gratitude? Stretch? Meditate? It does not matter what you do. The point being, that you have crafted this time for you. And just for you. Find a quiet space, set boundaries around it with the people in your house, and use it to create a new ritual, of daily Self-Care.

Remember, Self-Love and Self-Care is not selfish.

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