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The Gift of Giving: Our Guide to Selecting the perfect Gift

Gift Guide


'Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give.' 

- Ben Carson

Choosing a gift can be difficult when we don't know the recipient that well, we know them too well or they just seem to have everything! 

But these thoughts aren't what's most important, we all know the saying 'it's the thought that counts' and it really is! 

Why do we give gifts? 

We often give gifts to build and reinforce our relationships and connections with each other, showing our love and value of the relationship. 

Because of this we, as the recipient, can often have an expectation of the gift we would expect to receive from certain people in our lives. This is where disappointment can come from if the recipient of the gift feels that the thought has not gone into the gift selection process. 

Christmas Gift Guide

Our guide to putting the thought into your gift selections:

 1. Think of something practical that the recipient could use. 

Avoiding the obvious 'socks' practical gift - get creative! Think of practical items they use everyday which replacing with your special gift would brighten up their day every time they come to it! 


 2. Is there a gift that can keep on giving well after they have received it? 

This is a great value giving gift if you can think of something the recipient is interested in and would want to learn more about e.g. a writing course to help them write their first book they've always dreamt of writing! 


3. The element of surprise!

Often the best gifts are the one's we never thought about and could never have guessed! Think outside of the box; whether it's something sentimental or symbolic of you and your relationship. Something the means something to both you and the recipient will always be a well matched gift! 


In line with the gift of giving this Christmas, we're donating a bag of tea to someone you nominate, when you purchase a bag of tea for yourself through our Christmas COVID Care Packages. So if you want to show someone special that you care, gift a bag of tea using the link below!


Happy brewing TeaNomads xx



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