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Top 5 Ways To Be Kind

Our Staying Connected theme this month is kindness, as we celebrate the Random Acts of Kindness Day! So to help you kick off your month of kindness, we've listed our top 5 ways to be kind :)  Top 5 Ways To Be Kind 1. Smile Just sharing a smile with someone can really brighten another's day! We know that face to face smiling, particularly with face masks may not be easy right now, but you can really tell if someone's smiling with their eyes....even if their smile is tucked away safely behind a mask. Or if you're on a virtual meeting, make sure to welcome everyone with a big smile.  Remember: If you see someone without a smile - share yours!...

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Be Kind In February 21

  Our February Edition of Staying Connected is all about ways to be kind. February is a month which celebrates the Random Acts of Kindness Day and Valentine's Day, so what better month to focus on kindness and love in these times!   Hello February Did you know that February is actually names after a spring cleaning festival! The word comes from the Latin word 'februum' which means purification and is named after an early Roman purification ritual, a.k.a a spring cleaning festival!    February is the only month where it is not possible to have a full-moon, due to it's shortness of days and it's flowers are Violet (Viola plants) & Primroses.    So as we head through a cold and...

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Top 5 Benefits of Matcha

What Is Matcha? Matcha is a powder made from finely ground green tea leaves.  To prepare it should be whisked with a Traditional Bamboo Matcha Whisk Traditionally it was prepared and drunk by monks in the far east who would meditate as they whisked the matcha. Then they would drink the matcha which they had whisked all of their good energy into.  A beautiful, mindful practise!  Today we enjoy matcha in many forms including as delicious matcha lattes.  However you enjoy your matcha, it's worth it for it's amazing health proprieties. We've listed our top 5 below.    Top 5 Benefits of Matcha 1. High in antioxidents Green tea is known to be naturally high in antioxidents. With matcha you...

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Be The Change In January 21

Hello 2021 & Welcome to the January edition of Staying Connected!  Hello January Did you know that January is named after the Roman God Janus, who was depicted to have two heads; one which looks back at the year that has past and one which looks forward to the year ahead.  Looking back at 2020, it's been a challenging year for many of us, but as the old saying goes, you should only look back to see how far you've come! So let's take a deep breath that we made it through 2020 and look forward to 2021. Here at LOTW HQ we've focused on the positive impacts we were still able to make across 2020:  All with your help...

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