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Finding Passion and Purpose

This month we have been talking about our Theme of Impact. Impact is what drives us, at our core, to be motivated to make change, to be decisive to continue, to live in such a way that what we do makes a difference, and in the end, contribute to helping others in a way which serves a higher purpose than simply enriching our own lives. In the final post on this topic, we are discussing how Passion and Purpose are the two drivers of Impact, and once found, uncovered, and cultivated, can be the true pillars for your entire life blocks. How do you find your Passion? Okay, the question itself is not a specifically straightforward one. Simply because finding...

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Be Authentic: Make an Impact

Continuing our theme for the month of September, we are talking about the many faces of Impact. This post is all about finding your true self, and purpose, and how in doing this you can have the biggest Impact of all… What is Authenticity? Authenticity. It’s a vague word. To some, it means to be original. To others, it means to be real. And to many, living authentically is far more elusive than it should be. We live in a world driven by material wealth, where we strive to adhere to standards of living that we did not agree to or set. How many of us spend time doing something we do not like, to buy things we do not...

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What is Impact?

As an organic company, this month we usually like to promote Organic Your September. However, this year, given the vast changes and impact of various global issues, we are going to talk about something with a much wider value: Impact. What is Impact? When we see that word, we can interpret it in many different ways; the Impact a decision has on you; the Impact your decisions make on others; the Impact you have in your line of work in society and the world as a whole; and the Impact we make with our decisions environmentally. To bring about change, real change, and live conscious lives, making decisions that stand for something bigger than ourselves is what we are all...

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