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Finding Passion and Purpose

This month we have been talking about our Theme of Impact. Impact is what drives us, at our core, to be motivated to make change, to be decisive to continue, to live in such a way that what we do makes a difference, and in the end, contribute to helping others in a way which serves a higher purpose than simply enriching our own lives. In the final post on this topic, we are discussing how Passion and Purpose are the two drivers of Impact, and once found, uncovered, and cultivated, can be the true pillars for your entire life blocks. How do you find your Passion? Okay, the question itself is not a specifically straightforward one. Simply because finding...

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3 Feel-Good Reads to get you through Lockdown

 ‘Is lockdown getting you down?’ We probably will all have had some low days during lockdown, so to help share a feel-good mood, we thought we’d share 3 feel-good reads we’d personally recommend. In case you didn’t know this, The TeaNomads a.k.a. Sam + Jason, are actually big bookworms with Sam having studied English Literature at Uni and Jason currently working on his first novel! So, here are our thoughts on 3 books across 3 different genres we have read, old + new, which made us feel good. Feel free to share your own feel-good recommendations in the comments below! We’d love to hear your thoughts and discover even more feel-good books to be filling our shelves with during lockdown!...

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Donating tea to those in need during coronavirus

  At Leaves of the World HQ we wanted to do something to give back and share some love during these uncertain times in light of the Coronavirus.  With the whole of the UK facing isolation due to Coronavirus and key workers risking their health to help others; as a community, nation and world we all have to pull together to help one another in which ever way we can.  That's why, for every bag of tea purchased through our Care Packages link, we'll donate another bag of tea to someone in need; whether that be an isolated individual or a NHS Key Worker.  Each Care Package comes with a hand-written letter and will be hand-packed by us with love (into...

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Cuppa and a Chat

In these strange times of unprecedented global uncertainty, it has never been more important to reconnect with ourselves, our health, and others. Many people may be off work, working from home, or be self-isolating in some form. But it is those who are most vulnerable who may struggle the most; the elderly, those with chronic conditions, weakened immune systems, or people who live in rural areas. So that is why we are encouraging a Cuppa and a Chat. In our busy lives and schedules, we often take for granted the time and presence of people in our lives. In being forced to stop and rethink, slow down and take stock, it is important to remember that it is people who...

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