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Finding Passion and Purpose

This month we have been talking about our Theme of Impact.

Impact is what drives us, at our core, to be motivated to make change, to be decisive to continue, to live in such a way that what we do makes a difference, and in the end, contribute to helping others in a way which serves a higher purpose than simply enriching our own lives. In the final post on this topic, we are discussing how Passion and Purpose are the two drivers of Impact, and once found, uncovered, and cultivated, can be the true pillars for your entire life blocks.

How do you find your Passion?

Okay, the question itself is not a specifically straightforward one. Simply because finding your Passion is not a task that can be achieved through mere hours, or just working hard; Passion is cultivated. You have to develop it. You have to want and desire at the very core of your being, something far wider reaching than to aimlessly work, or make money, or to have accolades and awards. Passion in of itself is a feeling that can be attached to emotion.

Take for example an adrenaline sports enthusiast. There is a high probability that a free climbing rock scaler, or a surfer, or a mountaineer may be injured or worse when they are partaking in such activities. But they choose to do it anyway. Why? Well, that is the essence of it; why. It is not necessarily a compulsion, or a desire, but rather an internal motivator that has at some point triggered the positive emotional chemical neurological software of the brain until it becomes hardwired to be a trigger for a positive release of endorphins and chemicals that tell you ‘yes, this is a good idea.’ Thrill-seeking is a good example. People become attached to the ‘high’ of the adrenaline – a powerful bodily action that stimulates the brain. And in this stimulation, the brain is then escalated beyond the norms of social etiquette, beyond the realms of everyday life and into a zone that compromises the self-auditing voice that screams; ‘no, don’t do it.’

The opportunity to live outside – even for a brief moment – a comfort zone that we all become situated in our everyday lives, is too much enticement for someone who has already experienced the thrill elsewhere once before. They become addicted to the thrill. The thrill becomes a cultivated Passion, learned through repetition.

Because Repetition is the Mother of Skill.

“We are what we repeatedly do” ~ Aristotle

So, if Passion is cultivated, how do we determine what to do with it?

That is where Purpose comes in.

Purpose and Passion are not the same thing. You can be passionate about cars, but know that your purpose is not to be a Formula One driver, but instead, a repair mechanic for your job, or a Rolls Royce enthusiast in your spare time. One of those pays a lot of money. One does not specifically pay a great deal of money. And the other will pay you nothing.

It all comes down to fulfilment.

And that is the question, in regards to making an Impact, that we really have to ask ourselves; How could my Passion make an Impact, and can I be fulfilled through living my Passion as my Purpose?

It is true to say that when we are talking about Passion in regards to Impact, we are saying; can you find something that you’re passionate about, and go out there into the world and change something for the better through using your Passion?

Passion is the first step to finding Purpose. Once unlocked and developed, the key is how to turn that enthusiasm you have for whatever you are passionate about, and use it to drive yourself to figure out a purposeful action, that ultimately will make an Impact.

Uplifting others, creating, finding joy and fulfilment are far more valuable propositions for living a life than to simply make money. Material wealth is only a temporary service to the mind. Finding your Purpose and living with Passion are a lifelong service to the soul.

Living with these two pillars of your life is the only way to truly make a lasting Impact that stays with the world, long after you leave it.

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